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Consent. The owner of personal data (the “Owner”) indicates his or her full consent to the current Privacy Notice by clicking the corresponding box that indicates “read and agreed” that appears at the end of the current Privacy Notice or in the course of browsing of this website. The Owner expressly authorizes BECHEM Lubrication Technology, LLC. (the “Responsible Party”) to obtain, access, use, approve, divulge, transfer, provide, and/or store (these activities hereinafter referred to jointly as “Handling”) general, legal, bookkeeping, financial, and payment information, including the Responsible Party’s personal data such as full name, address, telephone numbers, email address, date of birth, payment information, CURP, and RFC (hereinafter referred to jointly as “Personal Data”) obtained from this website and from emails with the domain: or from any other form, with the understanding that under no circumstances will “sensitive personal data” [as defined by the Federal Law Protecting Personal Data Possessed by Individuals (the “Law”)] be requested.

Handling. The Responsible Party remains obligated to ensure that the Owner’s Personal Data be handled in accordance and in compliance with determinations of the Law, of Mexican legislation, and of international law. Furthermore, Handling of Personal Data remains subject to the following:

Revocation of consent. Aside from any contrary legal provisions, the authorization for the Handling of Personal Data shall be revocable at any time by the Owner in accordance with the process detailed in the following “ARCO rights” section.

Objectives. The Processing of personal data shall take place with the following original and necessary objectives: (i) to provide products and/or services solicited by the Owner and/or provided to the Responsible Party, as well as to enter into the corresponding agreement(s); (ii) to notify the Owner and/or Responsible Party about new products and/or services related to those already contracted; and (iii) to communicate changes in products and/or services with the Owner and/or Responsible Party. In addition, the Handling of Personal Data may also have the following non-necessary objectives: (i) to evaluate the quality of products and/or services and fulfill obligations to the Owner; (ii) to create financial documents such as invoices and credit or debit notes; (iii) to send information such as account or card statements or communications; (iv) to develop reports that the Responsible Party and/or Owner will submit to the parent company, holding company, subsidiaries, affiliates, or under the common control of the same group as the Responsible Party or Owner (hereinafter referred to jointly as “Affiliates”), investors and authorities; (v) to prepare processes, agreements, monitoring, evaluations, statistics, projections, and audits; and (vi) for purposes of marketing, publicity, or commercial prospecting.

Transfers. The Owner consents to the national or international transfer of his Personal Data in accordance with the current Privacy Notice. The Responsible Party shall take any necessary and adequate measures to guarantee that the Privacy Notice is respected at all times, both by himself and by third parties who receive the information.

Time Limit. The Handling of Personal Data shall take all the time required for the Responsible Party and/or Owner to thoroughly fulfill each and every one of his obligations in accordance with the agreement(s) into which it has entered, as well as any additional time needed to comply with applicable legal guidelines.

Responsible Party. The Handling of Personal Data shall take place solely and exclusively by the following persons: the Responsible Party, his associates or shareholders, his administrators, directors, employees, and representatives, his consultants, partners in bilateral and multilateral agreements, and representatives, as well as his Affiliates, including associates and shareholders, administrators, directors, employees, representatives, consultants, and representatives of said companies.

Confidentiality. It has been established that Personal Data constitutes confidential Owner information. Thus, the Responsible Party agrees to hold all Personal Data in strict confidence and is obligated not to divulge or reveal Personal Data to any persons aside from those indicated previously without obtaining the previous written consent of the Owner. The confidentiality obligation shall not be applicable to: (i) information in the public domain, public information, or information provided in public information sources as defined by the Law; (ii) information that is apparent, including that which is apparent to a specialist in the field; (iii) information already in use by the Responsible Party before publication, or by any person to whom the previous paragraph refers, or which has been revealed independently by the Responsible Party or said persons; or (iv) information that must be divulged for legal reasons or by a judicial order or order issued by a competent authority. In addition, the Owner is aware that the Responsible Party has adopted security measures to protect Personal Data, including measures to avoid the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access to, or theft of Personal Data, such as data encryption and access keys.

*Name and address of the data protection officer
The data protection officer of the controller:*

VIA Consult GmbH
Mr. Guido Solbach
Martinstraße 25
57462 Olpe
49 (2761) 8375 – 0

Any person concerned can contact our data protection officer directly at any time with any questions or suggestions regarding data protection.

Which data are collected?
We exclusively collect the following data:

1. Data of use
Within the use of our website as well as the offered services (e.g. contact form) we only collect those data which you are actively providing. These are contents of messages which you are providing by e-mail or via contact form, but also data which you provide on a voluntary basis through surveys. When carrying out surveys, we will collect data on an anonymous basis only as far as possible.

In the event we should be legally obliged to obtain your consent to data collection, data processing and data sharing (e.g. to receive newsletters), we will store date, time and IP-address of this consent in order to provide the legally required evidence.

2. Purpose of data collection and, if applicable, transmission of the data
We only collect personal data if you provide it to us voluntarily, for example in connection with an enquiry. Data is entered in the areas described below:

Contact forms
The contact form offers interested parties the possibility to send inquiries directly to BECHEM. Due to legal regulations, the website also contains information (e.g. in the imprint) that enables rapid electronic contact with our company (e.g. via e-mail address). If a person contacts us via e-mail or a contact form, the personal data transmitted by the person will be stored automatically. Data transmitted during this contact will be stored for the purpose of processing or contacting the person concerned. In most cases, the e-mails sent are delivered to general mailboxes of the departments or representatives or assistants of senior employees. Unless required for the purpose of processing, this personal data is not passed on to third parties outside the Group companies.

ARCO rights. It has been established that the Owner of Personal Data shall have the right to access, correct, terminate, or oppose these rights in accordance with the Law. To fulfill these rights, as well as the right to revoke his consent, the Owner of Personal Data should follow the procedure described below:

The request to access, correct, terminate or oppose, as well as the revocation of consent, should be in written form and sent to BECHEM Lubrication Technology, LLC., 2000 Auburn Drive #200-402, Beachwood, OH 44122, USA, Phone: (440)561-6001, website: and email address

The request should contain and be accompanied by the following: (i) the name of the Owner and an address or another method of providing the Owner with the response to his request; (ii) documents verifying his identity, or, if appropriate, that of the Owner’s legal representative; (iii) a clear, precise description of the Personal Data regarding which the Owner would like to exercise one of the aforementioned rights; (iv) any other element or document that might facilitate locating Personal Data; (v) as appropriate , the modifications undertaken and any documentation supporting the petition.

The Responsible Party shall communicate the ruling that has been made to the Owner within no more than 20 (twenty) business days after receiving the corresponding properly filed request, to the effect that if the ruling is in the Owner’s favor, it will become effective within 15 (fifteen) business days following the date that this ruling is communicated to the Owner. In accordance with legal provisions, the aforementioned terms may be extended once within an equal period of time, always and whenever the circumstances of the situation justify it.

The fact that the Owner has demonstrated his opposition to the Handling of his Personal Data may not be a motive for the Responsible Party to deny offered and/or contracted products and/or services to the Owner.

Amendments. The current Privacy Notice may be amended by a simple written notice from the Responsible Party directed toward the Owner of Personal Data or by means of publishing the corresponding amendment on this website at least 30 (thirty) calendar days before the anticipated effective date of the amendment. In the event that the person to whom the Personal Data pertains does not agree to these modifications, this person will have the right to oppose the terms in the previous ARCO rights section. If no opposition has been raised within 30 (thirty) calendar days prior to the effective date or if the opposition is unfounded, the amendments to this Privacy Notice shall be considered accepted under all legal provisions currently in place. This prior procedure shall not be necessary if the amendments appear in accordance with the written signature of the Owner to whom the Personal Data pertains.


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“Cookies” are small data files generated on the user's computer that permit other parties to obtain the following information:

BECHEM Lubrication Technology, LLC. informs its users that, in addition to the personal data that it receives from registered users and those that contract its services, even those subject to the agreement in the privacy notice listed above, BECHEM Lubrication Technology, LLC. collects and stores the following information:

  1. number of visitors.
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  5. The user's browsing and clicks on websites, and any links clicked.

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